Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lake Powell... Possibly the best place ever!!!!!

 The only thing missing on this trip was Greg.  Had planned for the big girls Greg and myself to finish out the Summer at Lake Powell but Greg made the choice to stay behind because of a busy work schedule~we did miss him a ton.  We did manage to have a wonderful trip though.  We were busy from sun up to sun down~swimming, hiking, skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, cliff jumping, dancing on the house boat, fishing, jumping off the boat, touring around the lake, trips to the marina for ice cream and calls to Dad.  Even when we layed down at night there was still giggling from my two and hilarious laughter from the older ones at the songs we made up!!  This trip was just as I remembered growing up and I can honestly say I think it is the best place I have ever been ~still.  Such a fun memory to share with my girls and  with Greg next year hopefully, and several more years from now with Ruby and Jett. 

Uncle Chris driving to the first of two camping spots.
Finalll they are in the water...  they all waited patiently for quite a while.

The next morning taking in the beautiful scenery on our way to the final camping spot of the week.

Adults headed out for quick ski run.  The water was so smooth to ski on it probably spoiled the rest of my ski runs for the remainder of summer.

All the cousins

Final camping spot!!!  IT was awesome!!!
I even got a couple of double runs in with TY and Krysti~so fun!!!

Sweet Ellie and Niece Katey~loved spending the week with her!
Spectacular scenery~every day was amazing!


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Great summer pics...always love to look!